Online seminar: Deciphering Human Development and Disease One Cell at a Time


The rules by which human cells, tissues and organs are specified and built during development are still largely unknown. In my talk I will describe how we have begun to fill this gap by using single cell and spatial genomics technologies on embryonic/foetal material. Our cross-organ single cell and spatial atlas of immune cells, which also incorporates paired BCR, αβTCR, and γδTCR datasets, provides a detailed characterisation of generic and tissue-specific properties of developing immunity. Our high-resolution atlas of human limb development at multiple timepoints allows us to define major lineages and cell types, delineate the stepwise programme of transcription factors governing cell fate, and determine the conservation of insights from mouse models. Human developmental processes, whether in systems distributed across many organs (as in immunity) or in complex multi-tissue structures (as in the limb), are thus increasingly tractable using single cell techniques.

This seminar will be given online via Zoom. Details in attached poster.

Contact Information

Department of Physiology
chairasst.physiology [at]
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