Graduate Options

Graduate Option in Teaching Philosophy

The program is composed of a two-course sequence, which supplement the current requirements for the PhD in Philosophy.

  • PHIL 702 Seminar: Teaching Philosophy is a seminar that covers topics and pedagogical issues that are specific to philosophy (3 credits).
  • PHIL 703 Practicum: Teaching Philosophy occurs while the student is hired as a course lecturer and is designed to offer them mentorship (1 credit). The student will design a course from scratch, learn to respond to feedback on their teaching, and reflect on their teaching in writing.

Graduate Option in Gender & Women’s Studies

The Graduate Option in Gender and Women's Studies (GWS) provides graduate students with a cross-disciplinary specialization in feminist, women's, and gender studies. This Option is open to Ph.D. students at McGill University enrolled in the Department of Philosophy. During the application process, prospective students can specify their interest in the Graduate Option through the online application. There are no prerequisites to enter into the Option. However, previous coursework in gender and women's studies provides an ideal foundation for more in-depth study of and research in feminist scholarship.

Student supervision in the Option is undertaken by one's departmental supervisor who oversees student work, including choice of thesis, dissertation, or project topic. A student's PhD dissertation, MA thesis, or MA research project must be on a topic that significantly engages with issues of gender and/or women and/or feminism. For more information about GWS, visit the IGSF website.

Graduate Option in Environment ( *not offered in 2024-2025)

The Graduate Option in Environment provides students with an appreciation of the role of science in informing decision-making in the environment sector, and the influence that political, socioeconomic and ethical judgments have. The option also provides a forum whereby graduate students bring their disciplinary perspectives together and enrich each other's learning through structured courses, formal seminars, and informal discussions and networking. Students who have been admitted through their home department or Faculty may apply for admission to the option. Option requirements are consistent across academic units. The option is coordinated by the McGill School of Environment, in partnership with participating academic units.

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