The following awards were won by McGill Philosophy Graduate Students.

David Fate Norton Fellowship In Philosophy

2023-2024: Brandon Smith

2022-2023: Léa Derome and Sarah Clairmont

2021-2022: Celia Edell, Hugo Cossette-Lefebvre

2020-2021: Daniel Harris, Thomas Colbourne

2019-2020: Martina Orlandi, Éliot Litalien

2018-2019: Frederick Armstrong

2017-2018: Joseph Carew, Matthew Scarfone

2016-2017: Maiya Jordan

2015-2016: Karina Vold, Michel-Antoine Xhignesse

Raymond Klibansky Prize in Philosophy

2022-2023: Thomas Colbourne

2021-2022: Renxiang Liu, Moritz Bodner

Guy Desautels Memorial Prize

2022-2023: Jean-François Rioux

2021-2022: Brandon Smith

2020-2021: Léa Derome

Reverend Domenico Roberto Gualtieri Prize

2022-2023: Dallas Jokic

2021-2022: Valerie Therrien

Graduate Student Essay Prize

2020: Nick Dunn

2019: Em Walsh

Graduate Teaching Excellence Award

2020-2021 Walter Reid

2020-2021 Em Walsh

2019-2020: Moritz Bodner

Arts Graduate Student Teaching Award

2017-2018: David Collins

2016-2017: Alice Everly

2010-2011: Robert Stephens

2008-2009: Yvan Tétrault

2004-2005: Florentien Verhage

K. B. Jenkes Prize

This award is conferred upon an outstanding McGill graduate receiving a Doctoral degree in the Social Sciences and Humanities. 

2021-2022: David Collins

Arts Dissertation Awards

2014-2015: Robert Stephens


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