Current Philosophy Graduate Students

Ray W. Aldred
BA Honours in Philosophy (Calgary), MA in Philosophy (Calgary)

Research interests: Philosophy of Disability, Philosophy of Sex and Love, Philosophy of Mind, Neurophilosophy, Neuroethics, Ethics (especially biomedical ethics), Epistemology


Email: raymond.aldred [at] (Ray Aldred)

Jeanne Allard
BA Philosophy (Université de Montréal), MFA Creative Writing (UQÀM), MA Philosophy, Majeure German Studies (Université de Montréal)

Research interests: Hegel, Aristotle, German Idealism, Ancient Philosophy, History of Philosophy
Dissertation title: The Aristotelian Sources of Speculation in Hegel

Email: jeanne.allard [at] (Jeanne Allard)

Gilles Beauchamp
BA Philosophy w minor in Jazz Performance, MA Philosophy (Université de Sherbrooke)

Research interests: Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, (Social) Epistemology, Christian thought and Theology

Email: gilles.beauchamp2 [at] (Gilles Beauchamp)

Moritz Bodner

Research interests: Mathematical Logic, History of Philosophy & Logic (esp. (late) ancient, medieval & early 20th century), Literature

Email: moritz.bodner [at] (Moritz Bodner)

Sarah Clairmont

BA Arts & Contemporary Studies (Ryerson University), MA Philosophy (The New School)

Research Interests: Philosophy of epidemiology, social epistemology, feminist and race-critical philosophy, philosophy of medicine, history and philosophy of science.

Email: sarah.clairmont [at] (Sarah Clairmont)

Thomas Colbourne

BA Honours Philosophy (Carleton University)

Research Interests: Spinoza, Early Modern Philosophy, History of Philosophy, History of Political Thought, Metaphysics, Epistemology, Moral Psychology

Email: thomas.colbourne [at] (Thomas Colbourne)

Hugo Cossette-Lefebvre

BA Political Science and Philosophy, MA Philosophy (Université de Montréal)

Research interests: Egalitarian Justice, Relational Equality, Philosophy of Law, Global Ethics, Political Philosophy

Email: hugo.cossette-lefebvre [at] (Hugo Cossette-Lefebvre)



Léa Derome

B.A. and M.A. Philosophy (Université de Montréal)

Research interests: Ancient philosophy (Esp. Aristotle), History and Philosophy of Science

Email: lea.derome [at] (Léa Derome)

Emily R. Douglas

B.A. University of Alberta 2012 (Philosophy, French minor) ; M.A. University of Alberta 2014

Research interests: feminist philosophy, phenomenology, Foucauldian philosophy, critical race and queer theories, animality

Email: emily.douglas [at] (Emily Douglas)

Alice Zoe Everly

BA in Political Theory (Marlboro College), MA in Philosophy (University of Memphis)

Research interests: Feminist Philosophy/Gender Studies, 20th century Continental philosophy, Social-Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Ethics

Dissertation: "Revitalizing Normativity: A Conceptual Framework for Political Projects"

Email: alice.everly [at] (Alice Everly)


Celia Edell

BA Honours Philosophy (University of Western Ontario), MA Philosophy (University of Sheffield)

Research interests: Social and political philosophy, feminist theory, critical philosophy of race, social epistemology

Email: celia.edell [at] (Celia Edell)


Cem Erkli
BA Philosophy (Bilkent), MA Philosophy (Simon Fraser University)

Research interests: History and philosophy of science (Hellenistic science, measurement), social and feminist epistemology


Email: cem.erkli [at] (Cem Erkli)


David Gaber

BA Philosophy (Alberta), BSc Mathematics (Alberta), MA Philosophy (SFU)

Research Interests: Philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of science, epistemology

Email: david.gaber [at] (David Gaber)


Hakan Genc

Research Interests: Ancient Greek and Medieval Arabic Philosophy (esp. Metaphysics)

Email: hakan.genc [at] (Hakan Genc)

Kosta Gligorijevic

BA Philosophy/German Studies (Guelph), MA Philosophy (Guelph)

Research Interests: Ancient Philosophy, History of Political Philosophy, Ancient Metaphysics

Email: %20kosta.gligorijevic [at] (Kosta Gligorijevic)

Yasmin Haddad

Research interests: Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Biology, Data Ethics


Email: yasmin.haddad [at] (Yasmin Haddad)

Nikolas Hamm
BA Honours Philosophy (St Mary's University), MA Philosophy (SFU)

Research interests: Early Modern (esp. Kant, Spinoza), Moral Character, Moral Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Environmental Philosophy

Email: nikolas.hamm [at] (Nikolas Hamm)


Mylene Hangdaan
BA Honours Philosophy & Political Science (University of Toronto), MA Philosophy & Political Science (Queen's University)

Research interests: The ethics and legality of artificial intelligence, big data, and digital privacy


Email: mk.hangdaan [at] (Mylene Hangdaan)



Daniel Harris
BA Honours Philosophy & Information Systems, MA Theory, Culture, and Politics (Trent University), MPhil Philosophy (King's College London)

Research interests: Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence (esp. AI Alignment & Existential Risk), Philosophy of Mind/Cognitive Science, Neuroscience

Dallas Jokic
BA Honours Philosophy and History (Guelph), MA Philosophy (Queen's)

Research interests: Political Philosophy, Spinoza, Philosophy of Fascism and Anti-Fascism, Continental Philosophy


Email: dallas.jokic [at] (Dallas Jokic)

Riley Hannah Lewicki

Honours BSosSc Political Science (University of Ottawa), MA Political Science (University of Ottawa)

Research interests: Political Theory, Phenomenology, Trans Studies, The Frankfurt School, Hannah Arendt, Republican Theory, Automation, Judaism, Critical Theory, Anime and Manga Studies, and Disability Studies

Email: riley.lewicki [at] (Riley Hannah Lewicki)


Andre Martin

BA Honours Philosophy, MA Philosophy (Toronto)

Research Interests: Philosophy of mind and metaphysics in medieval and contemporary philosophy

Email: andre.martin2 [at] (Andre Martin)

Thomas Minguy
BA Honours Philosophy (Bishop's), MA Philosophy (Memorial)

Research interests: Baruch Spinoza, Gilles Deleuze, Georges Bataille, Political Philosophy, Contemporary French Thought, Modern Philosophy


Email: thomas.minguy [at] (Thomas Minguy)

Eric Murphy

BA, Independent Scholar: Consciousness Studies (Lake Forest College, Chicago, IL) MA, Philosophy (Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA)

Research interests: Philosophy of Music (esp. electronic and improvised), Philosophy of Art, Philosophy of Science, Metaphysics

Email: eric.murphy2 [at] (Eric Murphy)

Anaid Ochoa

MA Philosophy (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)

Research interests: Epistemology, Ethics, Mind.

PhD project: The epistemic status of lottery propositions and its relation to evidence, justification, and knowledge.

Email: anaid.ochoa [at] (Anaid Ochoa)

Julien Ouellette-Michaud

BA, MA Philosophy (Université du Québec à Montréal)

Research interests: Philosophy of logic (esp. logical consequence and pluralism), Logic (formal and informal), Cognitive science (esp. human reasoning), History of analytic philosophy

Email: julien.ouellette-michaud [at] (Julien Ouellette-Michaud)

Azadeh Radbooei
BA Philosophy (University of British Columbia), MA Philosophy (Paris X Nanterre), MA Philosophy (Université de Montréal)

Research interests: Pragmatic theories of perception, Kant, Fichte, Bergson, Deleuze

Email: azadeh.radbooei [at] (Azadeh Radbooei)

Khaleel Rajwani
BA Philosophy (Yale)

Research interests: Bioethics, Substance Use and Harm Reduction Ethics, Psychedelic Therapies, Critical Theory, Post-Colonial Philosophy


Email: khaleel.rajwani [at] (Khaleel Rajwani)

Walt J Reid
BA Hons Philosophy, MA Philosophy (University of Calgary), PhD Program (Syracuse University, New York)

Research Interests: Ethics & the Cross-cultural History of Philosophy (esp. 19th Century German Philosophy, South Asian Philosophy)

Dissertation title: The Varieties of Well-Being: Three Essays in Cross-cultural Philosophy


Email: walter.reid [at] (Walt J Reid)


Jean-Francois Rioux
BA Philosophy (Université de Montréal), MA Philosophy (Université Laval)

Research Interests: Political Theory (Hegel, Ricœur, Havel, Arendt, Derrida), Phenomenology (Merleau-Ponty, Schütz, Fanon), Hermeneutics (Dilthey, Heidegger)


Email: jean-francois.rioux2 [at] (Jean-Francois Rioux)


  Sebastian Rodriguez Duque
BA Philosophy and Political Science, MA Philosophy (Carleton University)

Research Interests: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Science, Moral Psychology

Email: sebastian.rodriguezduque [at] (Sebastian Rodriguez Duque)


Valérie Lynn Therrien
BA Philosophy (Université de Montréal), MPhil Philosophy of Mathematics (Western University)

Research interests: Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics


Email: valerie.l.therrien [at] (Valerie Lynn Therrien)

Tristan Tondino
BA Philosophy (McGill University), MA Philosophy (Université de Montréal)

Research interests: Philosophy of Language (from an Internalist Perspective); Philosophy of Linguistics (Noam Chomsky); Philosophy of Artistic Practice


Email: tristan.tondino [at] (Tristan Tondino)

Em Walsh

BA Honours Philosophy (University of Birmingham), MA Philosophy (University of Birmingham)

Research interests: Philosophy of mind, Philosophy of cognitive science, Philosophy of memory, Feminist philosophy, & Clinical bioethics


Email: emily.walsh [at] (Em Walsh)

Jordan Walters
BA Philosophy (Guelph), MA Philosophy (Concordia)

Research interests: I specialize in metaethics, normative ethics, and political philosophy. I also have interests in epistemology and applied ethics.


Email: jordan.walters [at] (Jordan Walters)

Eric Wilkinson
Honours BA Philosophy (University of Ottawa); Honours BSocSc Political Science (University of Ottawa); MA Philosophy (University of Toronto); MA Political Science (York University)

Research Interests: Metaethics, Normative Ethics, and Political Philosophy

Email: eric.wilkinson [at] (Eric Wilkinson)

Boyu Xie
BSc Environmental Engineering (Hunan University); MA Chinese Philosophy & Literature (incomplete) (Hunan University Yue Lu Academy); MA Philosophy (University of Saskatchewan)

Research interests: Phenomenology, Philosophy of Mind, Bodily Awareness, and Comparative Philosophy

Email: boyu.xie [at] (Boyu Xie)



Ruigang Xu
BA Honours Philosophy (Acadia), MA Philosophy (Simon Fraser University)

Research interests: Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Language, Epistemology


Email: ruigang.xu [at] (Ruigang Xu)


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