Departmental Life

The Philosophy Department at McGill University hosts conferences, workshops and Speaker Series during the academic year. Our students have many opportunities to participate in and attend several of these events. Our Graduate Students have their own workshop series and organize many talks throughout the year; this provides an opportunity for graduate students to present their work in an informal venue.

Our students also get the opportunity to gain experience in teaching philosophy, through work as teaching assistants in a large selection of courses; as well as teaching their own courses in the summer, fall and winter terms.

Travel Awards for Current Students 

GREAT Awards (Graduate Research Enhancement and Travel) to support research travel and dissemination of research, including, but not limited to: conference presentations, field research, archival research, and/or collaborative research outside the University.  Information is emailed to graduate students.  

Graduate Mobility Awards for participation in one or more of the following activities: research stay at a lab abroad; participation in a formal bilateral exchange/research partnership abroad; fieldwork abroad.  Information is emailed to graduate students.



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