The Department admits students into two degrees:  Master in Arts specialization in Biomedical Ethics and a Doctor in Philosophy.  

MA Bioethics Program

We offer an MA specialization in Bioethics in conjunction with the Biomedical Ethics Unit.  Information for students interested in the Specialty MA in Biomedical Ethics can be found on the Biomedical Ethics Unit website.

PhD Program

Admissions to our PhD1 and PhD2 program is highly competitive and selective.  We receive on average 150 applications every year. We offer 5-8 spots. Our program is open to both Canadian and International students, however our current financial position makes it easier for us to offer the majority of our spots to Canadian applicants. We encourage International applicants with a solid background in philosophy to apply.

PhD1 is a direct-entry program for students with an Honors B.A. degree in Philosophy, or the equivalent.

PhD2 is a program for students who hold an M.A. degree in Philosophy, or equivalent

The Department considers an adequate undergraduate training in philosophy to be one that furnishes a student with:

  1. A general knowledge of the history of Western Philosophy: Greek, Medieval, and Modern.
  2. A systematic knowledge of the main philosophical disciplines in their contemporary as well as historical contexts: logic, ethics, epistemology, and metaphysics.
  3. An ability to present, in written form, clear and substantial reconstructions and analyses of the materials normally studied in the areas mentioned in 1. and 2.

Highly qualified applicants whose background does not fully satisfy these requirements may be offered admittance to the PhD programme conditional upon the completion of additional course work.


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