Win4Science Spotlight Series:

We highlight women researchers at McGill University from various fields in STEM. Ultimately, the series aims to:

  1. Bring Awareness: Increase visibility of women researchers,
  2. Celebrate: Highlight accomplishments and contributions of women researchers, and
  3. Inspire: Create a sense of community and mentorship for other women researchers.

    We encourage readers to share the links to these articles in support of these incredible scientists, as well, if you would like to nominate someone to be featured in a future article, reach out to us at win4science [at]



Professor Karine Auclair- Published, October 20, 2023

Professor Daniela Quail - Published, March 30, 2022

Professor Ajitha Thanabalasuriar - Published, February 14, 2022

Professor Mari Kaartinen - Published: January, 31, 2022



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