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The Department

The Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics is located in the McIntyre Medical Sciences Building on McGill's downtown campus. Research laboratories are also located in Montreal area hospitals and institutes including the Douglas Hospital Research Centre, the Royal Victoria Hospital, the Montreal Children's Hospital, the Montreal General Hospital, the Montreal Heart Institute, the Lady Davis Research Institute and Montreal Neurological Hospital. We also have adjunct faculty members in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. One of the strengths of our training program is the exposure to the wealth of opportunities which it offers, and the extent of the collaborative interactions among the various laboratories which it engenders.

Specialized facilities and equipment include electron and confocal microscopes, high content robotic imaging platform, live animal imaging system, automated in-situ hybridization platform, phosphorimaging and other image analysis systems.

The University

McGill University is located close to downtown Montreal. The area is relatively safe and very pleasant and is within walking distance of a wide variety of cultural and recreational facilities. Montreal is a cosmopolitan and sophisticated city with a population of about three million and a marked European atmosphere. While knowledge of French is not essential, it greatly enhances a student's appreciation of the cultural opportunities offered by Montreal. McGill's Faculty of Medicine, one of the oldest medical schools in Canada, is proud of its international reputation as an academic and research institution. The Faculty is on the main campus of the University, close to a number of large teaching hospitals and specialized medical research institutions. Academic excellence is pursued in an atmosphere that is relaxed, cooperative, and exciting.

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