Awards & Endowed Lectures

Departmental Prizes:

Hank MacIntosh Prize in Pharmacology - was established in 1991 to honor Professor Frank Campbell (Hank) MacIntosh. The MacIntosh Prize recognizes a student who has shown scientific excellence, a breadth of knowledge in the discipline, leadership qualities, and academic and social responsibilities.

Sourkes Prize in Pharmacology - Established in 1992, this prize is granted to a graduate student whose published paper represents the most significant scientific contribution by any graduate student currently enrolled in the program or who has graduated during the preceding year.

Pharmacology Prizes for Medical Students:

Students obtaining the top ten grades in FMD (Fundamentals of Medicine and Dentistry) are asked to complete the following exercise.

Write a 1500 word essay discussing the connection between the academic discipline of pharmacology and the practice of clinical medicine. How do they inform one another? What is their shared path (if any) in the future of medicine?

The essays will be read by a panel from the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics. Five students will then be interviewed by this panel which will then choose the winners of the following prizes:

IMS Brogan bursary in Pharmacology - established in 2000 to recognize an FMD student who excels in pharmacology.

Mark Nickerson Prize - established in 1990 by the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics in honour of Professor Mark Nickerson, a renowned McGill pharmacologist.

Charles E. Frosst Medical Prize - is also awarded annually to a medical student who has achieved excellence in FMD.

All three prizes are awarded annually to medical students who have achieved excellence in FMD and have demonstrated, on the basis of essays and interviews, an understanding of the role of pharmacology and therapeutics in clinical medicine and contemporary society.

Pharmacology Research Day Prizes:

Melville Fellowship in Pharmacology - This prize, established in 1994, is awarded annually for the best poster presentations in three categories: junior graduate student; senior graduate student and post doctoral fellow.

Pharmacology Undergraduate Research Expo Prizes:

Barbara Esplin Memorial Prize - This prize is awarded annually for the best poster presentation and best oral presentation by an undergraduate student.

The Melville Undergraduate Research Bursary in Pharmacology & Therapeutics:

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Endowed Lectures:

Mark Nickerson Memorial Lecture - was established in honor of the late Mark Nickerson who was Chair of the Department of Pharmacology at McGill University from 1967 – 1975. After his death in 1998, an endowment fund named the “Mark Nickerson Memorial Lecture Award” was established by a committee that included Drs. A.C.Cuello, Les Iversen, George Kunos, and Sir John Vane.
Mark Nickerson made seminal contributions to the discovery and development of alpha adrenergic blocking drugs and he is credited with the discovery of the haloalkylamine adrenergic blocking agents. His charismatic personality as well as his scientific leadership made him one of the founders of academic pharmacology as a distinct discipline in Canada.

Theodore Sourkes Lecture Series in Neuropharmacology - Dr Theodore Sourkes was a McGill Emeritus Professor with strong links to the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics. He made outstanding contributions in Neurochemistry, Neuropharmacology, Neurosciences and Neurology. His early work resulted in the development and application of false transmitter for the therapeutic treatment of hypertension (Aldomet). This annual lecture series is possible thanks to a generous donation from a McGill Alumni and Sourkes disciple Professor Moussa Youdim, Technion, Haifa Israel.


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