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  • Research: Your support will go towards groundbreaking research for innovative therapies and strategies to combat diverse diseases in areas of Infection & Inflammation, Neuroscience, Infertility and Mental Health (Aging, Disability and Chronic Diseases), as well as Genetic & Environmental Determinants.
  • Student Fellowships: You can make their dreams come true! International Graduate Tuition Fees are very expensive, especially for those coming from underdeveloped countries. Scholarships and financial aid are vital to ensuring that every deserving student has access to a world-class McGill education.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: Be on the cutting edge with us. Innovative and high-tech equipment is critical to advancing our extraordinary research. By investing in sophisticated instrumentation such as chromatographers, microscopy systems and spectrometers, we can move our science forward, and identify new, promising therapies and breakthroughs in non-toxic drugs, infertility and the prevention of diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

Examples of Recent Research and Discoveries:

  • Professor Dusica Maysinger’s research is on the cutting-edge in new technologies with gold nanoparticles, the “unsung heroes of the small world”. Very tiny with unique and beautiful properties, gold nanoparticles are used as biosensors to reveal biological processes at the molecular level.
  • Professor Daniel Bernard discovered that mutations in the IGSF1 gene causes the most common form of congenital central hypothyroidism.
  • Professor Jean-François Trempe reported the first 3D structure of Parkin, a protein whose mutation causes Parkinson’s disease. The structure revealed how the protein could be modified to increase its neuroprotective activity.
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