The Gender Gap – What is the cause?

Women earn about half the doctorates but comprise only 21% of full STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) professors. There are several reasons, but also ways to overcome those barriers. Win4Science aims to:

  • Educate on barriers and solutions through a Seminar series
  • Connect trainees with role models through a Mentorship program
  • Financially support trainee caregivers through Fundraising
  • Highlight scientific work of women professors at McGill through the Spotlight series
  • Create a community of women professors through Win2Lead meetings
  • Spread Win4… initiatives through providing a Toolbox
  • Survey the needs of the community through Forum round table discussions


Hack the Gender Gap

Awareness Program

  • Seminars with expert speakers
  • Mentorship program to connect young students with visible role models
  • Training and Workshops on leadership, equity issues, work-life balance, dealing with imposter syndrome and more!

Fundraising for Practical & Tangible Solutions

  • Stipend to salary
  • Administrative assistance
  • Augment domestic costs
  • Support to attend conferences and speaking engagements

Lobby and Advocate

  • Annual Forum
  • Community, institutional and structural changes

Academia, research and science are no exception when it comes to gender inequality. We believe that institutions that are commended for bringing erudition and progress to the world should lead the way in closing the gender gap. For that purpose, both men and women need to acknowledge its existence, and help build an academia that will maximize intellectual capital and bring equal human rights to the workplace. Gender inequality is not just a “women’s problem”, we need everyone to help fix this, we need change at every level and we all need to listen.

A Summary and Report of the Win4Science Forum, November 2018

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