The Melville Undergraduate Research Bursary in Pharmacology & Therapeutics



Kenneth Melville BSc’26, MDCM’26, MSc’31, (1902–1975). Born in Jamaica, Dr. Melville graduated in medicine at McGill at the top of his class in 1926. In 1953, he became Chair of McGill’s Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics, and the first person from a developing country to hold a Chair at McGill. Melville was internationally respected, with a prolific scientific career. He served as a mentor for students from developing regions and was a leader in Montreal’s Caribbean community. In the spirit of Dr. Melville’s legacy, the Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics established an Undergraduate Research Bursary in his honour.



Increase diversity in pharmacology by offering funding for a summer research experience and mentorship to an undergraduate student from an underrepresented equity group.


Why is this important?

Summer internships will provide a distinct advantage and valuable pharmacology research experiences to undergraduate students, increasing their competitiveness when applying to graduate school or for career advancement.

Mentorship: We offer a mentorship program to support Undergraduate students in their career in research. Follow us on social media for details.

Past recipients

2023: Timmi Milan

2022: Atchaya Kanagasabai

2021: Arrani Thambimuthu

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