Lisa Marie Münter

Assistant Professor


Life Sciences Complex, Bellini
3649 Prom. Sir-William-Osler
Room 136
Montreal, QC, H3G 0B1
Tel: 514-398-2159
Fax: 514-398-2045
Email: lisa.munter [at]
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Our principal research interests are the molecular mechanisms of newly described enzymes mediating a cellular pathway termed “Regulated Intramembrane Proteolysis” (RIP). The enzymes cleave a broad set of substrates within the plane of the membrane, thereby delivering diverse signaling molecules. Slight deregulations in this pathway likely cause the neurodegenerative processes observed in Alzheimer disease. RIP is seemingly also associated with other diseases such as schizophrenia, autism or cancer. Thus, our research is directed to a general understanding of RIP pathways, e.g., their activation, regulation, and pathological deregulations. With this knowledge, we aim to identify novel strategies to treat disorders of the central nervous system where RIP plays a role. Our lab uses methods of biochemical pharmacology including MALDI-mass spectrometry and fluorescent resonance energy transfer (FRET), which are used to characterize molecules and their interactions on the cellular level and in vivo.