Bernard Robaire - Professor

Bernard Robaire mcgill university


McIntyre Medical Sciences Building
3655 Prom. Sir-William-Osler
Room 104
Montreal, QC, H3G 1Y6

Tel: 514-398-3630
Fax: 514-398-7120

bernard.robaire [at] (Email)
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Bernard Robaire completed his studies at UCLA, McGill and Johns Hopkins before joining the academic staff at McGill where he is now a James McGill Professor, and is appointed in the Departments of Pharmacology & Therapeutics and of Obstetrics & Gynaecology.  His research interests focus on the effects of environmental toxicants on male reproduction, on male mediated reproductive toxicology, on the structure, function and regulation of the epididymis, on androgen action, and on aging of the male reproductive system. This research activity has resulted in over 200 journal articles and book chapters, and editing/co-editing ten books.

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