Ministry Funded Residency Positions

In Quebec, there are two kinds of Ministry-funded residency positions. The eligibility criteria and application process can be found under each section.  Please note that this information may be updated at any time and is governed by the Quebec MSSS decree in force each year.

Here are the positions funded by the MSSS:  the Contingent régulier and the Contingent particulier.

Contingent régulier                          


Contingent particulier 



The McGill Postgraduate Medical Education Office does not offer positions for trainees to complete a single preliminary year of training.  Preliminary training is considered to be part of the core training for the specialty programs offered at McGill University, see (residency levels).

Only offers emanating from the PGME Office are valid and binding.

We are unable to consider incomplete files. Files of eligible applicants will be transmitted to the Program Director by the Postgrad Admissions office. Eligible selected applicants will be invited for interviews.

Extensions of training are not automatic and can be obtained for valid pedagogical reasons only, pending renewal of eligibility. Please contact your Program Director 12 months in advance.

**Documents submitted to McGill University in support of an application to be admitted, including, but not limited to transcripts, diplomas, letters of reference and test scores (in paper or electronic format), become the property of McGill University and will not be returned to the applicant or forwarded to another institution.

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