Richard Riopelle

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Richard Riopelle
Department of Neurology
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Clinical Science
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My collaborative research over the past five years has been directed to integrating the scientific foundations of innovation in health towards systems strengthening for persons with neurological disorders through co-creation activities involving provider and policy professionals. Building on experiences to create an Ontario Stroke Strategy, I have been involved in communities of practice activities within the Montreal Stroke Network, and as a member of the Quebec MSSS advisory committee on the Quebec Stroke Strategy. More recently, as Chair of the Advocacy Committee of the Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation, a member of the Neurological Health Charities Canada (NHCC) consortium, I am engaged in creation of a knowledge mobilization network in support of the Ontario Neurological Strategy within a partnership, enshrined in a Charter, between the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and NHCC. Dissemination and championing the results of programs of research emerging from these activities have potential to go to scale within Canada's provincial and territorial health jurisdictions. The value of the co-creation model is that through a focus on execution performance measurement emerging from best evidence expectation, alignment of program accountability and policy stewardship has the potential to lead to sustainable impact for persons with neurological disorders.

Emeritus Member
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