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Is There Something to Low Carb Diets like Atkins?

20 Mar 2017

Who would have guessed that a song by the Guess Who would become a health anthem? “Silent footsteps crowding me, Sudden darkness but I can see, No sugar tonight in my coffee, No sugar tonight in my...

Advice About Food Is Sometimes Half-Baked

20 Mar 2017

Back in the early 70s, just as I was developing an interest in the chemistry of food, I came across a witty quote by Mark Twain. “Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and...

How to Keep Alzheimer's at Bay

20 Mar 2017

Sticking to the Mediterranean diet – low in meat and dairy products, high in fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals and fish – would seem to be a good start. A study of close to 500 seniors with mild...

Want to Stop Aging? Mind your Telomeres.

20 Mar 2017

If you want to lengthen your life, you need to lengthen your telomeres. That’s the message from the marketers of a pricey dietary supplement called TA-65. How pricey? Try up to $4000 for a six...

Nuts to You

20 Mar 2017

“Observational” studies are interesting but “interventional” studies are the nuts and bolts of nutritional science. And talking about nuts, a study just published in the New England Journal of...

Prostate Cancer and Diet

20 Mar 2017

Fried foods and simple sugars are out, olive oil, peanut butter and avocados are in. And this time I'm not talking about lowering your cholesterol. I'm talking about increasing the chance of...

When Protein is not Protein

20 Mar 2017

You need protein to build muscle. We have all heard that, probably as early as elementary school. And it is true. Muscle is mostly made of protein and its source is protein in the diet. But the...

Gluten-free Diets and the Mythologies Surrounding Them

20 Mar 2017

This week’s column is guaranteed to generate controversy. There will be all sorts of anecdotes from people who say they have lost weight, gained energy and just feel better after eliminating wheat....

Stoned on Food

20 Mar 2017

The effort to eliminate trans fats from our diet may have more benefits than expected. There is near unanimous agreement that trans fats increase the risk of heart disease but eliminating them may...


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