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A Curious Landing: A first-hand account of the landing of Mars rover, Curiosity

20 Mar 2017

Dr. Lorne Trottier was in attendance of the recent landing of the Mars Rover, Curiosity. Here, he describes his account of the experience as well as the complexities and nuances of what went into...

Organic Food and Nutrition

20 Mar 2017

The battle has been raging back and forth ever since pesticides and synthetic fertilizers were introduced into agriculture. Is organic produce safer and more nutritious than the conventional...

The Liberation Procedure

20 Mar 2017

It’s a great name for a possible cure for multiple sclerosis: “The Liberation Procedure.” Indeed patients suffering from MS feel that their body is being held prisoner by some strange force. Their...

How Chemicals Affect Us

20 Mar 2017

A recent New York Times article featured the headline “How Chemicals Affect Us.” Even before reading a single word, I was pretty sure the columnist was not going to discuss how antibiotics cure...

Pomegranate Frenzy

20 Mar 2017

Get set for a pomegranate frenzy. That’s because a couple of studies have suggested the fruit may have a role in treating breast cancer and in lowering the risk of heart disease. By the time the...

Food Trumps Pills When It Comes to Calcium for Bones

20 Mar 2017

One of the main things that postmenopausal women have to watch out for is osteoporosis, a condition characterized by weakened bones that can fracture easily. Contrary to common belief, bones are...

The JUPITER Statin Trial

20 Mar 2017

Usually the words “breakthrough” and “blockbuster: are reserved for tabloid headlines. But not always. Dr. Steven Nissen of the famous Cleveland Clinic used then to describe a study published in...

The Chemistry of Tom Yum Soup

20 Mar 2017

If you like Tom Yum Gung soup, a Thai cuisine favourite, you probably enjoy the flavor and aroma of lemongrass. It’s a stalky plant with a lemony odour, widely used in Asian dishes. Much of the...

Can Beta Blockers Help with Stage Fright?

20 Mar 2017

Stage fright has nothing to do with talent. Barbara Streisand, for example, is loaded with talent and yet fears appearing on stage. Some people just don’t like the focus that the stage or podium...


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