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What is the link between diamond, graphite and buckyballs?

20 Mar 2017

They are all composed only of carbon. What determines the properties of any substance? Simple. The properties of any substance depend on the type and number of atoms they are composed of, and of...

How Does Peroxide Whiten Teeth?

20 Mar 2017

Ancient Romans, for example, used urine and goat milk to whiten their teeth. This concoction is not as far-fetched as it might first appear. Urine, contains ammonia which is a cleaning agent found...

Social Tonics

20 Mar 2017

If it isn’t illegal, it must be legal. That’s why benzylpiperazine pills, under names such as Purepillz, Peaq, The Good Stuff, Frenzy and Pure Rush can be sold in Canada. And what are these pills? ...

What element derives its name from the Latin word for “flow?”

20 Mar 2017

Fluere is the Latin word for flow and provides the root for the name of the element we know as fluorine. One of the common naturally occurring sources of fluorine is the mineral calcium fluoride,...

Why Black Hair Dye Became Popular in 1930s Detroit

20 Mar 2017

Well, because Henry Ford decided that younger men could work more productively on his automobile assembly line and so began to fire older workers and higher younger ones. This prompted some of the...

Toys and Toxins

20 Mar 2017

Buying toys used to be easy. You went into a toy store, looked around and found something you liked. What mattered was whether the rubber ducky had an appealing look and feel or whether the doll...

What is meant by "digestion"?

20 Mar 2017

The path upon which food travels, beginning with ingestion and ending with excretion, is complex and highly organized. While the body is controlled by the central and autonomic nervous systems, the...

Pucker Up: The Chemistry of Kissing

20 Mar 2017

And just when I was getting used to being single in the summer. July 6th rolls around; International Kissing Day. It’s like a second Valentine’s Day but less sweet. I mean really, no chocolate? But...

Genetic modification: a thorny issue

20 Mar 2017

The ancient Greeks did not have a good grasp of genetics. A giraffe, they thought, was a cross between a camel and a leopard, and an ostrich was the result when a camel mated with a sparrow. A...


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