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General Science

What does SPF in Sunscreen really mean?

23 Jun 2022

With all the options out there, choosing the right product can be difficult. Stores are packed with many options, branded with anything from “Ultra-Sport” to “Hydrating”, but each and every label...

Could climbing chalk protect you from more than rips?

16 Jun 2022

If you have ever written anything on a chalkboard, you know the powdery feeling left on your hands after holding a piece of chalk. While that residue may feel annoying when you try to go on with...

Are Cat Breeders Sexist?

16 Jun 2022

Black, white, and orange – the signature colours of a calico cat. Subtract the white and you’ve got tortoise shell colouring. But there is gender colour discrimination at play: calico and tortoise...

Plastic, You Say?

15 Jun 2022

In 1862, over 6 million visitors flocked to the “Great London Exposition” where they were astounded by the electric telegraph, watched an early refrigerator make ice, gawked at Charles Babbage’s ...

How do erasers work?

10 Jun 2022

These days we are accustomed to pressing the delete key and a word on the screen disappears, ready to be replaced by a few keystrokes. But that doesn't mean pencils and erasers have disappeared. On...

The Deception of Temporary Tattoos

8 Jun 2022

Tattoos are a way to express creativity, individuality, even loyalty (though in the latter case designs often end up getting removed if loyalty fades). Sounds appealing but the idea of permanence...

The “Unintelligent Design” of the Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve

25 May 2022

The recurrent laryngeal nerve (RLN) is a touchstone in anatomy education and evolutionary biology research, known for its unnecessary U-turn in the neck. But can we learn something intelligent from...

Babies, Botulism and Honey

25 May 2022

The young mother was surprised by the doctor’s question. “What does your little girl eat for breakfast?” “Only hot oatmeal with milk,” she answered. “Does she put any sugar on it?” the doctor...


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