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General Science

There is More to Microbes than Viruses

23 Jun 2020

We have been inundated with discussions of viruses but there are other types of microbes out there as well. Fungi, algae, protozoa and of course, bacteria. The latter are not only out there, but...

Not As Advertised: The Case Against Flushable Wipes

18 Jun 2020

Are flushable wipes flushable? You may be retorting, “Is the sky blue?”, but there is reason to be skeptical. On-going media coverage tells us that so-called flushable wipes should not be disposed...

Light, Wavelengths, and Inactivating COVID-19

12 Jun 2020

Maybe you’ve read about specific wavelengths of ultraviolet (UV) light being used to sanitize objects and inactivate the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Or perhaps you’ve seen something about how certain...

Is Your Forehead Good Enough for a Fever Check?

5 Jun 2020

Your forehead is about to get a lot of action. Is it greasy? You may want to wipe that sweat off. In the age of COVID, our forehead will become the target of fever spot checks. Thermal cameras and...

Space Flight and Duct Tape

5 Jun 2020

Just four months after Apollo 11’s historic landing on the moon in 1969, “Intrepid,” Apollo 12’s lunar lander, made a perfect landing. It was expected that in April of 1970, “Aquarius,” Apollo 13’s...

Can a blood test determine if you’re a morning or night person?

22 May 2020

The 24-hour internal clock in your brain is known as your circadian rhythm and its personal manifestation is your chronotype—which varies greatly on an individual basis....

How Antivirals Create Paper Jams That Stop Viruses in Their Tracks

15 May 2020

Here’s a counterintuitive fact: an antiviral drug does not kill a virus. The real virus killers are the virucides, like alcohol and bleach, that tear the virus apart. It’s all in the name, with “...

Knocked Out, Put Under, Anesthetized and Sedated: Different Types of Anesthesia

27 Apr 2020

If you’ve read the article I wrote about why patients are allowed to drink clear fluids but not eat before surgery you’ll know that I recently had surgery to repair the ACL and meniscus in my left...

Why Am I Allowed to Drink Clear Fluids Before Surgery, but Not Eat?

22 Apr 2020

While preparing for my recent knee surgery I was given a lot of instructions. Where to park, how to dress, when to arrive, what to bring and even what (not) to eat and drink. Like many surgical...


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