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The Nobel Prize Committee Sends a Message! Messenger RNA Research Merits Science’s Highest Honour!

4 Oct 2023

The wall above that photocopier located at the University of Pennsylvania may eventually feature a plaque that reads something like “it was here that Katalin Kariko and Drew Weissman met in 1998...

Stress Can Change the Shade of Your Strands

25 Aug 2023

My first gray hair appeared when I was the age of twenty-three, within two months of my mom passing away. Of course, this is anecdotal evidence and should not be taken as proof that stress causes...

Why Does Pineapple Make Your Mouth Tickle?

26 May 2023

The name for ‘pineapple’ is a misnomer. The fruit, also known as Ananas comosus, belongs to neither the pine nor apple genus (Pinus and Malus, respectively). In the Middle Ages, the word ‘apple’...

Is There a Safer Time to Fly?

26 May 2023

This article was first published in The Skeptical Inquirer....

Another TikTok Trend Not Based on Science: Vabbing

10 May 2023

Vabbing, as the name perhaps suggests, involves the dabbing of vaginal secretions onto so-called pulse points of the body—wrists, neck, inside the elbows—just as you would a fragrance.

Will running turn my toenails purple?

5 May 2023

About two weeks ago, hundreds of runners lined up at Parc Jean Drapeau to run the Montreal 21K race. But beneath neon-coloured running shoes and Nike sports socks, you would be surprised to learn...

Why Limes Don’t Have Seeds

21 Apr 2023

You’re likely familiar with an everyday, small round, green lime. Whether in a margarita, with your Thai food or adorning your glass of soda, they’re a common enough culinary occurrence. But have...


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