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General Science

Gynecomastia and Booby Traps

11 May 2022

One of my favourite Seinfeld episodes is “The Bro.” On discovering that George’s father, Frank, has “man-boobs,” Kramer concocts a male version of a bra, that he calls “The Bro.” Frank, who prefers...

Attacking the Windmills

4 May 2022

Don Quixote mistook windmills for giants and attacked them. That actually seems rational when compared with the attacks launched by Donald Trump against wind turbines, or “windmills” in Trump-speak...

“Pasteur’s Bacterial Culture” and “Coley’s toxins”: Anomalies and Landmark Discoveries

26 Apr 2022

By 1878, Louis Pasteur had formulated his germ theory of disease and had turned his attention to chicken cholera, a problem that plagued the French poultry industry. He managed to isolate a microbe...

When Living Things Make Our Drugs for Us

21 Apr 2022

Could you recreate your favourite restaurant meal at home? Imagine the challenge of getting that meal to go and receiving no recipe, no ingredient list; just the final dish that you get to taste,...

Shining a Light on Testicular Red Light Therapy

20 Apr 2022

A few years ago, I hosted a television documentary on food. One of the episodes focused on milk and so we visited many different farms and witnessed countless herds of cows actually being milked....

Bunnies and Cancer

12 Apr 2022

Dr. Katsusaburo Yamagiwa, a Japanese pathologist at Imperial Tokyo University, and his research assistant, Dr. Koichi Ichikawa, carried out an experiment in which they repeatedly painted the inner...

Do some perfumes actually contain whale excrement?

6 Apr 2022

Sperm whales subsist on a diet of squid, octopus and cuttle fish, all of which have small hard beaks. The beaks are commonly regurgitated but sometimes may work their way into the lining of the...

Is there a legitimate medical use for camphor?

31 Mar 2022

It wasn't so long ago that mothers would treat their children's colds by hanging little bags of camphor around their necks. The strong medicinal smell probably had some effect in opening up...

Splendid Rays and Skin Cancer

29 Mar 2022

Helios, the sun god in Greek mythology, rode a chariot across the sky, east to west, sunrise to sundown, year round, as dusk bestows silvery moonlight accompanied by stars that extend to infinity...


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