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"Social Tonics"

20 Mar 2017

If it isn’t illegal, it must be legal. That’s why benzylpiperazine pills, under names such as Purepillz, Peaq, The Good Stuff, Frenzy and Pure Rush can be sold in Canada. And what are these pills? ...

Aspirin and Heart Disease

20 Mar 2017

A time-honoured medical maxim states, “primum non nocere.” That’s the way, “first do no harm” used to be taught in medical school when Latin was still part of the curriculum. Basically it means...

Why can't I use fresh pineapple to make Jell-O?

20 Mar 2017

Pineapple, kiwi and papaya all contain proteolytic enzymes, in other words enzymes capable of breaking down protein molecules. And gelatin, the substance that makes Jell-O gel, is a protein....

Wrinkles in Wrinkle Cream Reports

20 Mar 2017

So I’m sitting here, staring at a couple of close up pictures of some person’s eye area. I see crows’ feet in both. Are there fewer feet in the bottom picture? Maybe. If I look with a magnifying...

The Atom Bomb and the Age of Wine

20 Mar 2017

The purveyors of fake wines probably never dreamed that they could be caught by a carbon atom. A special kind of carbon atom. One that in addition to the six protons in its nucleus has eight...

The Chemistry of Self-Cleaning Windows

20 Mar 2017

Self-cleaning windows are here, thanks to recent developments in “photocatalysis” and “super-hydrophilicity.” Tongue-twisting terms, but well worth exploring. Titanium dioxide is a naturally...

A New Role for Oxytocin?

20 Mar 2017

Could oxytocin, a natural hormone, help patients suffering from anxiety and other related personality dysfunctions? Maybe. At least that is what a group of researchers from the University of...

Climate Change

20 Mar 2017

As we sit here freezing and dreaming of southern climes, it is hard to conceive of global warming. But it is happening and the long term effects will not be pleasant. How do I know that the climate...

The Power of Imagination

20 Mar 2017

Apparently, stores in Poland once ran out of red underwear because a study that showed girls wearing the red under garment did better on their high school exams that those who favoured other...


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