Our Team

Our team is made up of faculty, students and staff from various places across the University.

  • Headshot of Adele Lopes smiling
    Adele Lopes

    Science Communication 
    Research Assistant

  • Headshot of Armin smiling
    Dr. Armin Yazdani
    Educational Developer

  •    young man with scarf smiling into camera
    Brenden Moeun
    Science Education Fellow

  •   A close up photograph a white man. He is smiling and looking directly at the camera. He is wearing a green shirt.
    Brent Jamsa
      Administrative Student Affairs Coordinator

  • Headshot of Diane smiling
    Dr. Diane Dechief
    Science Communication Specialist

  • A white woman with long brown hair, standing outside and wearing a white coat. She is smiling into the camera.
    Emily Foxman

    Communications Assistant

  • Emma Segato is smiling while wearing a white tuque.
    Emma Segato

    Science Communication Research Assistant

  • Headshot of Ezrah Isaac Roy, bearded with glasses
    Ezrah Isaac Roy

    Science Communication Research Assistant

  • young woman with dark hair smiling broadly
    Faith Ruetas

    Science Communication Research Assistant

  • Headshot of Hilary smiling
    Hilary Sweatman
    Science Education Fellow

  • Headshot of Janette smiling
    Dr. Janette Barrington
    Education Research Consultant

  • Young woman with dark hair and glass smiling in a field
    Juliann Wray
    Course/Program Developer

  • Headshot of Kira smiling
    Kira Smith
    Student Engagement and Learning Manager

  • young woman with long dark hair smiling, snowy background
    Lizz Webb
    Science Education Fellow

  • woman smiling gently
    Lina Mullings
    Administrative Coordinator,
    OSE and T-PULSE

  • Woman smiling broadly
    Marcy Slapcoff


  • Headshot of Matheus Pessoa smiling.
    Matheus Pessôa

    Science Education Fellow

  • Meghomita Das smiling.
    Meghomita Das

    Science Communication Research Assistant

  • Headshot of Neeraj smiling
    Neeraj Katiyar

    Course/Program Developer

  • Young woman with dark hair smiling
    Rebeca Esquivel

    FSCI 198
    Course/Program Developer

  • Rebecca Brosseau is laughing, her long red hair blowing in the wind.
    Rebecca Brosseau

    Science Education Fellow

  • Headshot of Rhonda smiling
    Prof. Rhonda Amsel

    Associate Professor, Psychology (Retired)

  • Portrait of Stephen George smiling into the camera, wearing a blue T-shirt.
    Stephen George

    Science Education Fellow

  • Headshot of Tamara Western smiling
    Dr. Tamara Western

    Associate Professor, Biology

  • A close up photograph an Asian woman with black hair. She is looking directly into the camera and is leaning on her hand.
    Tong Wang

    Science Education Fellow

  • Headshot of Valerie Bourassa smiling
    Valérie Bourassa

    Science Education Fellow

  • Headshot of Veronique Brule smiling against a yellow backdrop
    Dr. Véronique Brulé

    Educational Developer

  • Headshot of Victoria Glynn smiling.
    Victoria Glynn

    Science Education Fellow

  • young man in white shirt smiling
    Yusuf Josiah
    Science Education Fellow


OSE Affiliates
Anita Parmar, Co-Director, Building 21
Jasmine Parent, Learning Technology Consultant, Teaching and Learning Services

OSE Mascot

Rizzo: A golden lab retriever. He looks happy.
Rizzo Amsel

Previous Contributors
Alia Devashayam, SciLearn Mentor
Anna Hayden, OSE Fellow
Ben Dringoli, Science Education Fellow
Bhavya Bhushan, Communications Assistant
Christina Popescu, Science Education Fellow
Cynthia Feng, Science Education Fellow
Dan Petrescu, Science Education Fellow
Ezelbahar Metin, Student Engagement Officer
Faye Frances Hughes, Administrative Coordinator, Science Education Conference Awards
Iris Guo, Science Education Fellow
Jacqueline Kort Mascort, Learning Technology Support Specialist, TLS
Jonathan Brassard, Science Education Fellow
Kelly Gallacher, SciLearn Mentor
Lizzie Schultz, Science Communication Research Assistant
Marie Walker, SciLearn Mentor
Mark Daniel, SciLearn Mentor
Nicolas Parent, Science Education Fellow
Oulin Yu, Science Education Fellow
Pratik Kadekar, OSE Fellow
Sean Coady, SciLearn Mentor
Zachary Grimard, SciLearn Mentor

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