Global Oncology Program

The Gerald Bronfman Department of Oncology is committed to developing a thriving global oncology program within McGill to foster partnerships between our university and other institutions internationally, particularly in low- and middle-income countries, with the goal of enhancing collaborative initiatives in cancer research, teaching/training, service, and policymaking.

In mid-2020, after consultation with the Director of the new School of Population and Global Health at McGill, the Department established a Global Oncology Task Force to start building the program. A Task Force Chair and a Coordinator were selected. Task Force members came from a broad range of cancer-related specialties including medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgical oncology, pediatric hematology-oncology, cancer genetics, cancer epidemiology, psychosocial oncology, and basic cancer research. As a first step, the Task Force surveyed all faculty members who already engage in international cancer-related collaborations. This permitted the Department to harmonize and build on these efforts under the umbrella of a global oncology program. As of January 1, 2022 the Task Force became a standing Program in the Department

As an additional step in establishing a formal global oncology footprint at McGill, the Global Oncology Task Force created the 3-credit graduate level course (ONCO 645) ‘Seminars in Global Oncology’, which began in January 2022 (Information about the course). This course is incorporated in the Gerald Bronfman Department of Oncology’s Graduate Diploma in Oncology which includes population and global cancer control as one of the areas of focus. The course is also open to other graduate students in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Furthermore, there will be a global oncology component in the cancer sciences training programs (MSc and PhD) currently under development.

In addition to leveraging current international collaborations to build the program, those in cancer-related specialties from other countries who have reached out to request collaboration with McGill, have been invited to present their proposal to the Global Oncology Task Force (now a Program). Program members assess feasibility and determine if there is a possibility for collaboration.

On May 18, 2022 there was a Celebratory Launch of the Global Oncology Program as part of the McGill Bicentennial Global Health Week. 

The Global Oncology Program hosted the 2022 Canadian Global Oncology Workshop on December 1st and 2nd, 2022. 

Program Members
Antonia Arnaert
Jamil Asselah
Ananya Banerjee
Gerald Batist
Christoph Borchers
Julia Burnier
Fabio Cury
Megan Doherty
Mariam El-Zein
Shirin Enger
Eduardo Franco
Catherine Goudie
Laura Habib
Melissa Henry
Tarek Hijal
Trina Johnson
Annett Körner
Sylvie Lambert
Magali Lecavalier
Annie Leung
Carmen Loiselle
Antoine Loutfi
Christine Maheu
Wilson Miller
Thierry Muanza
Belinda Nicolau
Rodrigo Noorani
Valerie Panet-Raymond
Morag Park
Samara Perez
Michael Pollak
Ipshita Prakash
Zeev Rosberger
Sarah Rourke
Gayle Shinder
Luis Souhami
Ricardo Souza Evangelista Sant'Ana
Ivan Topisirovic
Argerie Tsimicalis
Te Vuong
Sabrina Wurzba
Norma Ybarra


Program Director

argerie.tsimicalis [at] (Argerie Tsimicalis)
Associate Professor
Ingram School of Nursing
Tel: 514-398-8142


gayle.shinder [at] (Gayle Shinder)
Chair's Senior Advisor for Academic Programs
Gerald Bronfman Department of Oncology
Tel: 514-398-8466

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