Community Cancer Care

Community Cancer Care at McGill has been developed to answer the needs of cancer patients in general and specifically in McGill served areas.

There are two aspects of the Community Cancer Care Program. The first is related to the increasing number of patients with cancer every year, both because of increasing age of the population and the prolonged survival of patients who thus require prolonged follow up care. For that reason it is necessary to expand the number of people within the cancer care team, and to increase the number of physicians concerned with cancer treatments. Our goal is to expand knowledge of cancer treatment to general practitioners both in the form of increased undergraduate and post-graduate training, as well as to organize specific training sessions of several months long for general practitioners / family medicine practitioners who are interested in providing cancer care to patients both outside of hospital and, in some cases, as part of in-hospital care teams.

Secondly, it is through the expansion of cancer care treatment that it has become apparent that patients prefer to be treated as close to their living environment as possible. Thus community hospitals are appropriate venues for cancer treatments, specifically for treatments of common cancers, leaving the tertiary hospitals to provide specialized care and the care of uncommon cancers.

The Community Cancer Care Program at McGill was established to satisfy both of these needs: First, to provide additional training and secondly, to expand cancer treatment into community hospitals and the hospitals in remote areas.

Contact Information

Dr. Adrian Langleben
(514) 345-3511

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