Head and Neck Cancer

McGill University Head and Neck Cancer Program
Director: Dr. Nader Sadeghi
Site Directors: Dr. Nader Sadeghi (MUHC), Dr. Michael Hier (JGH)

The McGill University Adult Head and Neck Cancer Program is situated at the MUHC Royal Victoria Hospital (Glen site) and the Jewish General Hospital. The two centres work as a unified multidisciplinary team through the Rossy Cancer Network. The service provides comprehensive cancer care with the close collaboration of head and neck surgeons along with a multidisciplinary team made up of radiation and medical oncologists, head and neck pathologists, radiologists, nurses, dentists, speech language pathologists, nutritionists and social workers.

Advanced ablative and reconstructive surgical techniques including microsurgery, transoral laser surgery, transoral robotic surgery (TORS) and microvascular reconstructive surgery are offered to patients. Through collaboration with radiation and medical oncology, patients have access to advanced radiotherapy techniques, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapies to personalize their treatment. Patients have access to novel therapies offered through clinical trials including transoral robotic surgery.

The academic program trains medical students, residents, fellows and graduate students. The program includes an active research component in fundamental, translational, and clinical research.



Dr. Nader Sadeghi (MUHC - Royal Victoria Hospital)
Dr. Michael Hier (Jewish General Hospital)
Dr. Alex Mlynarek (Jewish General Hospital)
Dr. Keith Richardson (MUHC- Royal Victoria Hospital)
Dr. Karen Kost (MUHC - Royal Victoria Hospital)
Dr. Anthony Zeitouni (MUHC - Royal Victoria Hospital)
Dr. Veronique Forest (Jewish General Hospital, St Mary’s Hospital)
Dr. Khalil Sultanim (Radiation Oncology, JGH)
Dr. George Shenouda (Radiation Oncology, MUHC - Royal Victoria Hospital)
Dr. Nathaniel Bouganim (Medical Oncology, MUHC - Royal Victoria Hospital)
Dr. Khashayar Esfahani (Medical Oncology, Jewish General Hospital)
Dr. Reza Forghani (Radiology, MUHC - Royal Victoria Hospital)
Dr. Jeffrey Chankowski (Radiology, MUHC - Royal Victoria Hospital)
Dr. Carlos Torres (Radiology, MUHC - Royal Victoria Hospital)
Dr. Mark Levental (Radiology, Jewish General Hospital)
Dr. Lorne Rosenbloom (Radiology, Jewish General Hospital)
Dr. Thomas Ong (Radiology, Jewish General Hospital)
Dr. Derin Caglar (Pathology, MUHC - Royal Victoria Hospital)
Louise Rochon (Pathology , Jewish General Hospital)
Marc Pusztaszeri (Pathology, Jewish General Hospital)
Livia Florianova (Pathology, Jewish General Hospital)
Jesse Burns (Speech Language Pathology, MUHC - Royal Victoria Hospital)
Anna Baudier (Speech Language Pathology, MUHC - Royal Victoria Hospital)
Hannah Jacobs (Speech Language Pathology , Jewish General Hospital)
Stephanie Houston (Speech Language Pathology, Jewish General Hospital)
Elisabeth Blouin (Infirmière pivot en oncologie, MUHC - Royal Victoria Hospital)
Gabrielle Chartier (Infirmière pivot en oncologie, Jewish General Hospital)

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