An elevator pitch for Keenoa


Published: 15Jun2018

Kudos to Anne-Julie Tessier, RD, PhD candidate in the School of Human Nutrition, who won the Elevator Pitch Contest organized by the Sight and Life Foundation at the last American Society of Nutrition’s annual conference – Nutrition 2018 – in Boston on June 10, 2018. 

Finalist in the McGill Dobson Cup in 2017, Anne-Julie presented hers and co-founder, Anthony Garant, start-up Keenoa, an artificial intelligence-based application for dietitians to assess dietary intake of their clients in real time from meal pictures.  Another PhD candidate at the School of Human Nutrition, Angel Ong, RD, recently joined the team.

Anne-Julie was selected as one of the seven finalists among 65 candidates from 25 different universities around the world and brilliantly delivered her 5-minute pitch to a judging panel of scientists and investors, which earned her the first place.

Congratulations to Anne-Julie! 

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