Commemoration for COVID Losses


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Creating Sustainable Food Systems for Present and Future Food Challenges


The Department of Bioresource Engineering invites you to a special seminar by Dr Peter Adewale, Research Associate Bioprocessing and Biocatalysis, NRC-ACRD/macdonaldCategory: Faculty of...

The Fascinating World of Birds


For the Spring break come explore the fascinating world of birds!/macdonaldCategory: Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Macdonald Campus

McGill 24


Join us on March 10th to celebrate the sixth edition of McGill24 – McGill’s 24 hour day of giving! /macdonaldCategory: Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Macdonald Campus

Les petites fermes poussent

Published: 18Feb2021

En chute libre depuis les années 1940, le nombre de fermes se stabilise au Québec. Fait rare, il a même légèrement augmenté en 2020. Derrière cette hausse se cache toutefois deux réalités. Si les...

New Season Extension Technology at the Hort Centre

Published: 18Feb2021

Here's a feast for your eyes on this chilly February morning. Join Mike Bleho for a trip back to the sweltering summer of 2020 to see the construction of a couple of new structures at the Hort...

Dr. Michael Ngadi: Serving up solutions to food insecurity

Published: 18Feb2021

Bioresource Engineering professor Michael Ngadi has spent his career trying to help solve some of the world’s most pervasive food problems. Recently, Ngadi and his research team traveled to remote...

Macdonald Campus Dairy Cow Pasture Project uses sustainable best practices to bolster education

Published: 18Feb2021

Animal-friendly fences, optimized water use and rotational grazing systems help make the Mac dairy herd more sustainable overall...

Online 101: Quick Tips Workshop


Quick Tips is a 45-minute Zoom session designed to help people optimize their Zoom presentation strategies./macdonaldCategory: Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Macdonald Campus


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