Student associations

CNSA (Canadian Nursing Students' Association)

The CNSA is the national voice of Canadian nursing students in diploma and baccalaureate registered nursing programs. Its aim is to "increase the legal, ethical, professional and educational aspects which are an integral part of nursing." CNSA, dedicated to an active and positive promotion of nurses and the nursing profession, is run by and independantly controlled by the nursing students who are its members.

NUS (Nursing Undergraduate Society)

The NUS is a student-run council which promotes professional interests and communication within the School of Nursing and the University. It provides a means of contact with faculty and administration at the School of Nursing, as well as with other organizations on campus such as the Student Society of McGill University (SSMU). In addition to organizing academic, social and athletic events throughout the year, the NUS promotes communication with nursing organizations nationwide and worldwide.

NGSA (Nursing Graduate Student Association)
ngsa.pgss [at]

The NGSA is a student-run association that aims to provide support and a sense of community to the master, doctoral, and postdoctoral students within the Ingram School of Nursing.  The NGSA arranges scholarly and social activities for the graduate nursing students to promote their academic, social, and professional development. Members of the NGSA also represent and advocate for nursing graduate student interests at the Post-Graduate Students' Society of McGill (PGSS), on diverse committees with faculty and administration within the Ingram School of Nursing, as well as with other organizations outside the school.

MNGH (McGill Nurses for Global Health)
mcgillnursesforglobalhealth [at]

The MNGH is a Graduate and Undergraduate Nursing student organisation committed to fostering awareness among the student body around issues of global health and social justice. The group also aims to work in solidarity with community-based health organizations in the majority world, and to advocate for the right to accessible healthcare. For more information or to join MNGH, please e-mail us.

PGSS (Post-Graduate Students' Society of McGill University)

PGSS represents the interests of postgraduate students at McGill. The society also strives to improve the quality of life on campus by providing services of all kinds through the graduate students' centre, Thomson House.

SSMU (Students' Society of McGill University)

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