Carmen G. Loiselle

Carmen G. Loiselle, RN, PhD, FCAHS

680 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, QC, H3A 2M7
Office: 1812
carmen.g.loiselle [at]
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Dr. Carmen Loiselle holds a Ph.D. (double major) in Psychology and Nursing from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. She is Professor in the Ingram School of Nursing and the Department of Oncology as well as Program Director for psychosocial oncology and oncology nursing at McGill University. She is the twice recipient of the Christine and Herschel Victor/Hope & Cope Research Chair in psychosocial oncology.  As Co-Director (academic) at the Segal Cancer Centre, Senior Scientist in the Center for Nursing Research and the Lady Davis Institute, she conducts research on how to best support individuals affected by cancer using connected health technologies. As Scientific Director for Hope & Cope - a cancer volunteer community agency, she explores more sustainable means of supporting the psychosocial needs of individuals touched by cancer. She is the recipient of numerous peer-reviewed grants and awards and has published more than 120 scientific papers.

Areas of Interest

  • Psychosocial and nursing interventions for patients with cancer
  • Person-centred cancer care
  • e-Health platforms
  • Patient information-seeking behaviors and decision making
  • Health service use and cost-effectiveness analysis
  • Health-related empowerment
  • Development and testing of connected health tools
  • Person-centered, personalized and integrated intervention support

Current Research

Transdisciplinary and international in scope, Dr. Loiselle’s program of research focuses on developing and investigating the effects of innovative e-health/m-health interventions on various health-related outcomes such as quality of life, empowerment and health care service use by individuals diagnosed with various types of cancer. 


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