Expert: UK European Union referendum (Brexit)


Published: 22Feb2016

"June 23 has finally been set for the momentous 'in or out' British vote on whether to abandon the 28-nation European Union." (CBC)

Brian Cowan, Professor of History, Department of History & Classical Studies, McGill University

"David Cameron has set himself in a position where he will appear in retrospect to be either an evil genius or the worst head of state to rule the British Isles since King James VII and II (who was forced to abdicate the throne in the Glorious Revolution). Given the extreme stakes involved for the people of the UK and Europe, I hope he will get the 'remain' vote he is seeking and thus will turn out to have been an evil genius."
—Brian Cowan

He holds the Canada Research Chair in Early Modern British History. He studies the social and cultural history of ideas in early modern Britain and Europe.

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Brian Lewis, Professor of History, Department of History & Classical Studies, McGill University

He's an historian of Modern Britain. The courses that he offers from time to time are a Seminar in British Urban History, courses on British History from 1688 to the present, a course on British & Irish Nationalisms (the national question in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England since the Glorious Revolution), an upper-level course on British Queer History, a survey of the history of sexuality in Europe and North America since 1700, global surveys of the First and Second World Wars and a first-year seminar on nation building and nationalism.

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