Alien invasion: Study reveals alarming economic costs of biological invasions to the European Union

Published: 13 July 2023

Biological invasions are a major threat to ecosystems, biodiversity, and human well-being, resulting in ecosystem degradation and causing economic costs in the multi-trillions of euros globally. A...

Expert - Brexit - what comes next?

Published: 3 February 2020

Boris Johnson has set out his vision for a trade deal with the EU, saying there is "no need" for the UK to follow Brussels' rules. The PM called for a Canada-style free trade deal, saying the UK...

Expert: Brexit

Published: 31 January 2018

“The government is to release a leaked Brexit analysis that shows the UK economy would be significantly worse off in every modelled scenario, after it decided not to oppose a Labour motion calling...

Expert: UK European Union referendum (Brexit)

Published: 22 February 2016

"June 23 has finally been set for the momentous 'in or out' British vote on whether to abandon the 28-nation European Union." (CBC)

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