Child homelessness


Published: 15Feb2016

“On any given night, there are about 35,000 homeless people across Canada, and the number of families and children among them is growing at an alarming rate, a new report reveals. One in every seven users of homeless shelters is a child, according to Putting an End to Child & Family Homelessness, being published Monday by the advocacy group Raising the Roof.” (The Globe and Mail)

Naomi Nichols, Assistant Professor, Integrated Studies in Education, McGill University

“This report represents an essential shift in discourse, practice, and policy responses to the problem of homelessness in Canada. Without access to safe, affordable and appropriate housing, Canadian children and families are unable to fully benefit from other public sector resources, designed to enable equality — e.g., education, public healthcare, early childhood programming, employment supports, mental health and addictions services.”
—Naomi Nichols

She’s the co-editor of the book Exploring Effective Systems Responses to Homelessness published in 2016 by The Homeless Hub Press. She’s the Principal Investigator for a five-year (2013-2018) SSHRC Insight Project: Schools, Safety and the Urban Neighbourhood.

naomi.nichols [at] She’ll participate in the Ontario Human Rights Commission Policy Dialogues on Racial Profiling from Feb 16-18, 2016. (English)

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