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Programming & Support

Programming & Support


The schedule of offerings is also available through SKILLSETS and myInvolvement.

We are also happy to create custom workshops for your student group, please contact Lorna MacEachern (lorna.maceachern [at] (subject: Request%20a%20myPath%20Workshop) ) to request a custom workshop or program. Students and postdocs can also request an individual meeting to get support creating an IDP.


For students who want an overview of what an IDP is and how myPath can help (1hr, online)

Planning with Purpose: The IDP Explained

In this 1 hour session, we will discuss what is involved in creating an Individual Development Plan (IDP) and how you can use the myPath tools and programs to create a meaningful IDP that will help you to stay focused on your priorities and track your progress.

Watch the recording!

Make sure you are logged in to Micorsoft365 with your McGill username and password


For students who want to establish their priorities for the next 6-12months (90min, online)

Identify Your Goals: Create Your IDP (part 1)

This workshop will focus on Module 1 and 2 of the myPath IDP Workbook. Participants reflect on their skills and interests and start building ideas for future goals. Participant will leave with a summary of their top priorities for the next year.

Registration for Winter 2022 sessions will open on Jan 15th



For students who know what their priorities are and want to create a plan for their goals (90min, online)

Plan Your Goals: Create Your IDP (part 2)

This workshop will focus on Module 3 and 4 of the myPath IDP Workbook. Participants will select their goals for the next year, and develop an action plan. Participants will leave with a first draft of their IDP (Individual Development Plan). 

Registration for Winter 2022 sessions will open on Jan 15th

Note: Part 1 is not a prerequisite for this workshop, but it is strongly recommended.


For students who want to work on a specific aspect of their IDP (30min,  online)

Troubleshoot Your Goals: IDP Lab

The monthly IDP Lab is an open discussion group that provides students with support in building different components of their IDP. Join us during this 30 min drop in to discuss any aspect of your IDP –whether want to troubleshoot a specific issue, explore the hands-on activities, or you just need some help to get started.

Please note: This is not a lecture. The IDP Labs are interactive and discussion based. Students will be invited to exchange and troubleshoot with peers. Please ensure that you are in a quiet space where you are free to speak aloud so that you can fully participate in the session.


For students who want a quick check-in with peers to stay on track (30min, online)

Grad Breakfast Club 

Stay on track with a 30min “plan your week” session on Monday mornings (except holidays). Meet with a group of peers to set your intentions, boost motivation, troubleshoot challenges, and (mostly importantly) take the pressure off! Co-facilitated by a myPath program facilitator and a Wellness Hub local wellness advisor.


For students who want to connect with other students and engage fully with the process of developing and enacting an IDP

Peer Pathways Program: Develop Your IDP

Be the first to access the new myPath video series and participate in the pilot peer program!

We are currently developing a new Peer Pathways Program that will take advantage of a video series we are creating! The new program will be peer driven and focus on empowering students to develop their IDP in small groups. The aim is to provide graduate students with a way to create connections and community through discussions that build on the video series and help students to establish meaningful goals and follow through on their plans. The exact structure of the program is still underdevelopment, but we expect that it would involve a series of 3 or 4 meetings scheduled over the course of 4-6 weeks.

  • If you would like to participate in the pilot program, which will launch in next semester, please complete this form and we will reach out to you as soon as registration opens.

  • If you would like to enquire about initiating a pilot specifically for your department or student group, please contact lorna.maceachern [at] (subject: Information%20Request%3A%20myPath%20Peer%20Pathways%20Program)


For students who want one-to-one support while working on their IDP (1hr, online)

Individual Appointments (online)

If you have started working on your IDP (either through a workshop or on your own) and would like some individual guidance to help you create or enact your IDP.

  • Booking for Winter 2022 appointments will open on Jan 15th


For new students, this 1 hour orientation session will introduce new students to the IDP, myPath and career planning. Delivered with Career Planning Service

Pathways and Plans: Career Development for New Graduate students (Orientation session)

In this orientation session for new graduate students and postdocs you will learn strategies to support your professional and career development while at McGill. You will learn about: a) Different ways you can understand your strengths and skills, b) how creating an individual development plan can help you achieve your goals, and c) the variety of services and programs CaPS offers.


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