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Workshops and Events

Workshops and Events

myPath offers a wide variety of tools and programming for students with different learning styles.

Use this legend to find the services that are right for you. 

icon for "auditory learning style"


These tools and programs are for learners who like to listen and hear information to understand. This can take form in lectures, podcasts, discussions, songs, etc.

icon for visual learning style


These tools and programs are geared towards learners who prefer to observe what is in front of them and see things presented in visuals (such as graphs, pictures, videos, drawings, etc.) to understand concepts.

icon for writing learning style


These tools or programs require verbal or written communication. These can include journal and goal writing, presenting, reading and discussions with others.

icon for kinetic learning style


These tools require you to do hands-on activities to understand your own path and goal setting, these can include some of the in-person workshops that require you to do activities to create more understanding for your goal setting.

icon for solitary learning style


These tools or programs require individual work and independent reflection.

icon for solitary learning style


These tools or programs require collaboration within groups to understand and reflect on your goal setting. These can include discussions, getting feedback from peers and learning from one another.


The schedule of offerings is also available through SKILLSETS and myInvolvement.

We are also happy to create custom workshops for your student group, please contact mypath [at] to request a custom workshop or program. Students and postdocs can also request an individual meeting to get support creating an IDP

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