Custom Workshops

We are happy to create custom workshops for your cohort, department or student group.

Some options include:

Peer Pathways Program

The Peer Pathways Program is designed to provide students with peer-to-peer mentoring and support through the process of identifying your goals and creating an IDP. The program uses the myPath video series to offer a flipped classroom approach so participants can maximize discussion time in the group sessions.

The discussions are facilitated by myPath Peer Facilitators (current graduate students employed and trained by Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies) -check out our video introduction to current and past facilitators.

The general guideline of Peer Pathways Program is Observe – Enact – Share:

  • Observe: You will independently watch the specified required videos for the week.
  • Enact: You will independently complete any required exercises as you watch the videos.
  • Share: You will attend a group session to discuss your experience working through the materials.

The program consists of 2-4, 1.5hr sessions, spaced 1-2 weeks apart. We can customize the duration and frequency of meetings based on your needs. 

Creating your IDP seminar

Our 1hr introduction to the IDP, which meets the IDP requirements for Master's non-thesis students.

Researching Yourself

A 2-part workshop designed for IPN-HBHL students to help students imagine and plan for their future. 

Stay on Track

For students who have completed their IDP and now want to follow through with their goals and priorities. Students will meet regularly with their peers to discuss the successes and challenges they face as they work to stay on track with their IDP.

Please contact mypath [at] to request a custom workshop or program. 

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