three paths on a mountain

myPath and the IDP


myPath is a toolkit that provides students and postdocs with ways to identify their goals and create an Individual Development Plan (IDP). Think of your IDP as a tailored roadmap that guides you from where you are now to where you want to be. An IDP not only plots your academic goals, but also your personal aspirations and professional/career objectives.

intersecting triangles representing personal wellbeing, professional and career, and academic 

Goal setting is an important predictor of success in university and can help you transition into your chosen career. By creating an IDP to set goals and track your progress, you can enhance your wellbeing and greatly increase your chances of success.

myPath was custom built by McGill Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies to help students and postdocs gain insight on themselves so that they can have a more meaningful experience at McGill. All of the exercises and activities in myPath are grounded in the literature on individual development, goal setting and student needs. Click here to view the references used to develop the myPath toolkit.

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