Frequently Asked Questions

When should students create their IDP?

Students can create their IDP anytime before the June 1st deadline. GPS recommends that students establish a new IDP at the start of each academic year, however some students prefer to establish their IDP at the start of the calendar year or in the spring (at the end of the academic year). Students can decide based on what works best for their circumstances.

How often do students need to create an IDP?

Students are required to create a new IDP annually. This IDP can be revised as often as necessary throughout the year.

Who is required to create an IDP?

All Master's Non-Thesis students admitted into their program from Fall 2022 onward. (If you transferred from a thesis program to a non-thesis program after Fall 2022, you are required to meet the IDP requirements of your new program). Creating an IDP is recommended to all graduate students. 

PhD students admitted from Fall 2019 are NOT required to create an IDP, but they are required to complete and submit the IDP Verification Form annually.

Are students required to submit or share their IDP with their department or GPS?

No. The IDP is a personal document that students can choose to keep private. We strongly recommend that students discuss their IDP with an advisor or mentor who can provide guidance on what to prioritize and specific actions that might help them to achieve their goals. Examples of advisors and mentors that students should consider are faculty members, student support professionals (e.g. Local Wellness Advisor), McGill alumni, and people working in their target career.

How will GPS verify whether students have created an IDP?

Students complete and submit the online Annual IDP Attestation Form to GPS.

All Master's Non-Thesis students admitted from Fall 2022 onward and PhD students admitted from Fall 2019 onwards will be emailed with information, instructions, and reminders.

Student can also contact myPath [at] if they have questions.

How do students decide which workshop or tool to use?

Workshops that meet the IDP requirements for Master's Non-Thesis students are indicated with this symbol: 

Master's non-thesis students can use any myPath tool (workbook, template, WebApp, myCourses module) to create their IDP.

PhD students are encouraged to use myPath's tools, but we also have a list of external IDP tools that may be right for you.

This article provides guidance on selecting from the many IDP tools and programs available.


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