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Student meditating in MORSL meditation spaceMORSL Meditation Room

A dedicated meditation and prayer space at MORSL offers a range of features which are described on the drop-in centre page. A tranquil oasis of calm awaits you in our offices, open to students 10AM-4PM weekdays. 


Guided Meditation Audio

MORSL hosts ad-hoc meditation sessions to help cope with the stress of university life, especially during exams. Our Gnostic Faith Volunteer Rev. Deacon Jonathan Stewart has kindly offered a few guided meditations for students. Jonathan is a Montreal freelance writer and editor who's been meditating in different traditions for 20 years. He's meditated and studied everywhere from Christian monasteries to a variety of Buddhist retreats, and he's taken the MBSR course to see it all from a secular perspective. He led meditation classes and taught courses at the Presence Meditation Studio and has a weekly free secular meditation circle for everyone. His primary passion is the Western Wisdom Traditions and he is the meditation facilitator and Deacon for the Montreal parish of the Esoteric and Gnostic Apostolic Johannite Church. He lives in Mile End with his wonderful wife and his 14-pound cat.

Listen to some of our recordings from his past sessions:

Audio icon Controlled Breathing and Visualization (approx. 23 minutes)

Audio icon Meditation for stress reduction (approx. 25 minutes)

Audio icon Guided Meditation on Loving Kindness (approx. 13 minutes)


Faith-based Meditation Guide

Woman seated on foot mat with legs crossed in meditation pose, a plant on each side and a mug on the right.By now, you must have heard about meditation and its benefits. But you might not know that many of the world’s religions have a meditative practice that has long been part of their tradition. If you are looking to add a spiritual component to a secular mindfulness practice-or just looking to explore options-you’ll enjoy our Meditation Guide. Click on the link below to discover MORSL’s carefully curated introduction to meditative practices sourced from various world religions. Lovingly produced in collaboration with our multi-faith team.


Meditation-related Articles

Click on the link below to browse MORSL's collection of informational articles related to meditation, or browse other MORSL articles related to spiritual wellness.


Group and Community Practice

Visit our Group and Community Practice page for more information about ways you can get involved in events and practice within your community.


Classes and Online Recordings 

See our meditation techniques series page for current offerings as well as links to recordings of past classes.

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