Alumni profiles

Did you know, McGill's first Ph.D. graduate in Meteorology was in 1956 even though the University did not have a Department of Meteorology until 1959?

In 1955, the University agreed to offer Ph.D. in Meteorology to students who were working on meteorology related topics in the department of Physics and Geography. And so, under such arrangement, Arthur Belmont, under the supervision of Dr. Kenneth Hare who was a professor in Geography, was the first Ph.D. graduate in Meteorology from McGill. (You can read about Dr. Arthur Belmont's career here.)

Undergraduate curriculum was established soon after the formation of the department in 1959.

On this page, meet some of our alumni working in various fields such as educational, governmental and private sector institutions. 

We will be adding profiles of our alumni as we receive them. If you are an AOS alumni, we would like to hear from you. Please email us at info.aos [at]





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