Emmanuel Lachapelle

Canadian stamp Lachapelle

Date of issue: December 5, 1980
Printer: Ashton-Potter
Design: Jean Morin Designers

Emmanuel-Persillier Lachapelle

Emmanuel-Persillier Lachapelle was born in Sault-au-Récollet, a small suburb of Montreal, in 1845. He graduated with a medical degree from the Montreal School of Medicine and Surgery in 1869. As a practitioner, he was actively involved in the prevention of infectious disease and was an avid promoter of smallpox vaccination.

In addition to his medical practice, he helped establish l’Union Médicale du Canada and was on its editorial board from 1876 to 1882. In 1880, he co-founded Notre-Dame Hospital, the first secular francophone hospital in North America. He had several influential administrative roles in the development of the hospital, including Chairman of its Medical Board and of its Board of Governors. He also served for many years as President of the Quebec Provincial Board of Health and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Quebec. He died in Rochester, Minnesota, in 1918.

The Stamp

The stamp shows Dr. Lachapelle as he appears in a painting that hangs in the Salon des Gouverneurs of Notre-Dame Hospital. The Aesculapian staff is present on his right. The first-day covers show a drawing of Notre-Dame Hospital and a color portrait of Lachapelle flanked by a stethoscope and microscope.

First-day cover Lachapelle


First-day cover envelope Lachapelle

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