Anniversary Cabinet

Pilot's helmet in Anniversary display case

The pilot’s helmet in the Anniversary display cabinet has a camera attached on its left side and was used by Melvill-Jones to investigate nystagmus, an abnormal involuntary side-to -side, up-and-down or circular eye motion. The device at the front left was a control box strapped to the pilot’s leg.

The McGill Medical Museum began in 1822 as a collection of pathological and anatomical specimens for teaching medical students. Over the following 150 years, many such specimens were acquired. After the 1970s, acquisition of biological specimens stopped almost entirely and teaching decreased to the point where the collections were no longer being actively used. Following its reconstitution as the Maude Abbott Medical Museum in 2012, acquisition of new material has concentrated on non-biological objects such as medical equipment, research apparatus and teaching aids that exemplify its mission. The Anniversary cabinet displays examples of such material that was used or donated by McGill medical graduates, researchers, and teachers during the MAMM’s first ten years.

Below are audio guides for the artifacts displayed.

Audio icon Anesthesia ENG
Audio icon Anesthésie FR

Audio icon Anatomical Models ENG
Audio icon Modèles anatomiques FR

Audio icon Cabinet of Small Curiosities ENG
Audio icon Cabinet de curiosités FR

Audio icon Apothecary ENG
Audio icon Apothicaire FR

Audio icon Artificial Heart Valves ENG
Audio icon Valves cardiaques artificielles FR

Audio icon Aviation Medicine Research ENG
Audio icon Recherche en médecine aéronautique FR

Audio icon Blood and Urine ENG
Audio icon Sang et urine FR

Audio icon Canadian Health Care Stamps ENG
Audio icon Timbres canadiens des soins de santé FR

Audio icon Doctor's Bag ENG
Audio icon Mallette du docteur FR

Audio icon Electrocorticograph ENG
Audio icon Électrocorticographie FR

Audio icon Microscopy ENG
Audio icon Microscopie FR

Audio icon Nursing ENG
Audio icon Infirmières FR

Audio icon Physiology ENG
Audio icon Physiologie FR

Audio icon Physiology Instruments ENG
Audio icon Instruments de physiologie FR

Audio icon Electrotherapy ENG
Audio icon Électrothérapie FR

Audio icon Blood Pressure and Auscultation ENG
Audio icon Pression artérielle et auscultation FR







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