Career Planning Advice

Career Planning Meetings

Meetings with the OMLA Career Advisors are personalized, confidential, and empathetic. We work with you to create a specific action plan that will “advance the plot” in your career planning journey. We will answer your questions, discuss decisions you may have to make, and help to demystify the path forward. 

There are so many reasons to schedule a career planning appointment, none too small or too big.

  • Maybe you are completely undecided about your path in medicine: that’s ok! Together, we’ll come up with a plan to help you explore all your options.
  • Maybe you are fully decided, and you want some reassurance that you are covering all your bases: that’s ok too! We can help.
  • Or maybe you’re somewhere in between, or have another entirely different question. We’re always happy to listen, support, and create a plan WITH YOU, that you are on board with.

At the end of your meeting, we hope you will feel less confused, more empowered, and ready to take concrete steps toward building your professional identity.

Click the link here to book an appointment with the Career Advisor for your campus. 

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