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First Year Self Reflection Exercise

As you progress through your career discernment process, goal-setting can be helpful in ensuring that you have the experiences you want and which will help you toward choosing your best specialty fit. At any point during the year, take a look at the Goals for Med1 list, and consider which of these suggested goals would be helpful to you.

Then, use the exercise linked below to reflect on whether you are pursuing these goals as actively as you wish. The answer may well be yes, and that's great! But occasionally you might find that you feel you could have done more toward some of your goals, and that's where the reflective exercise can help you to set down on paper what specific actions you plan to take to arrive at that goal.

For example: let's say one of your goals is to sit down with a physician who shares a specific passion you have and ask them all about how they balance their passion with their work, but you don't know anyone who fits that description. What specific actions could you think of to help you realize that goal? Write them out! And check in with yourself at a point in the future: hold yourself accountable for progress toward your career choice.

Here's the exercise: Career Advising - Med 1 Self-Reflection Tool

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