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Apply to Your Residency

Applying to your residency can bring out excitement, and anxiety and even seem like a huge task: there are so many things to manage, documents to find, essays to write, and information to process!

However, with a little preparation, development of the applications and assembly of the supporting documents, you will be up to the task of presenting the best of yourself. Also, after you apply and choose the residency program you want, your direction will become clearer for the next few years.

Depending on the specialties and programs envisaged, you will adjust the number of requests and follow the specific program procedures.

In the menu on the left, you will find guides on the main components of the residency application. Take a look at the addition from the CaRMS site and you'll quickly realize that you have all the tools you need to navigate the CaRMS match.

Application Process

Before applying, check your virtual footprints and online presence. Make sure you have positive portrayals of yourself to prevent people from drawing correct or incorrect conclusions about you. During the summer between your third and fourth year, prepare your residency applications and maintain an ongoing organization during the process. Starting early will give you time to write your personal letters, and confirm your reference letters. Preparing for interviews is also important, and the practice and feedback will help develop your ability to promote yourself to others.

Do not hesitate to book a career planning meeting if necessary. Good luck, and all our best wishes!


Adapted from Overview: Applying to residency. In Careers in Medicine, 2022.

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