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CaRMS: What is it?

All Canadian residency positions are filled via the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS).

What does CaRMS do?

How the match algorithm works

In summary, CaRMS' mandate is :

  • Lists the number of residency positions available at each institution in each discipline.
  • Provides application process information for each program.
  • Hosts electronic residency applications.
  • Receives a copy of each supporting document provided by a candidate and places these documents in the candidate's electronic file after scanning them.
  • Forward the electronic applications and supporting documents to all programs an applicant has applied to.
  • Receives candidate ranking lists.
  • Receives ranking lists of residency programs.
  • Administer the matching algorithm that matches candidates and programs.
  • Generate match statistics and provides match reports.

Your match year

Canadian medical graduate presentation

As well as that for graduates outside Canada and the United States in medicine

CaRMS Match Timeline

Please note that you must be a landed immigrant or Canadian Citizen to be eligible for CaRMS residencies outside of Quebec. Visa students can only apply for residencies at a Quebec school (McGill, Université de Montréal, Laval, and Sherbrooke).


Help videos to guide Canadian medical graduates step-by-step through the match process in CaRMS Online and the step-by-step for international medical graduates. Vous y trouverez les conseils sur les sujets qui suivent :

  1. Logging into CaRMS Online for the first time
  2. Participating in a match
  3. Uploading documents
  4. Requesting letters of reference
  5. Tracking your documents
  6. Requesting document translations
  7. Selecting programs
  8. Assigning documents and submitting your application
  9. Submitting your rank order list
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