Career Planning Advice

Decide to Decide

Some people are just happiest with a narrower range of options. The decision to stop exploring your options and simply decide on one (or two or three) specialties at a point in time may be the best way for you to proceed.

The thought process may go something along these lines: "So far, I like specialties A/B/C. OK, I acknowledge there may be many interesting things about specialty X/Y/Z, and it's possible that I may like them more than A/B/C, but I don't have time/energy/inclination to explore all of these so I am going to go with A/B/C because I already know that I like them and it's going to be fine. In fact it's going to be great!"

This may not be right for everyone. But for some students, it's a good way to proceed and get over the bump of indecision.

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