Career Planning Advice

Rule In/Rule Out

Although you may feel very undecided about your future, most students find they are actually less uncertain than they perceive.

Look at the exhaustive list of CaRMS specialties below in the table attached here  rule_in_rule_out_tool.docx  and rate whether you are strongly, possibly, or not at all considering each one. If there are specialties included in the exercise with which you are not familiar, go back to the Exploring Options phase and get some more information. Your perfect specialty may be waiting for you and you just don’t know about it yet! Once you've finished, you'll likely be encouraged by how much you've ruled out, and you can move on to working with those specialties that are still under consideration.

Don't forget to print this page after completing the exercise, and bring it in with you when you come in for a meeting with a career counsellor.

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