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Orient Yourself Positively

Positive orientation helps to select in an informed way the benefits of work having a determining role in the enhancement, satisfaction, commitment and professional well-being!  

Have you ever heard that 'Work is health' (Salvador, 1965) or that 'the best way to kill a man is to pay him for doing nothing' (Félix Leclerc, 1976)? These words reflect the meaning and values ​​attributed by these authors to professional activity.

  • What is the meaning that you give to a specific professional activity?
  • What is the potential contribution of this project?

Answering these questions regularly helps clarify what helps maintain your satisfaction and commitment throughout your career path.

Did you know that enjoying the benefits of work and other forms of professional and personal activities can meet your economic, social and psychological needs?

For example, a person who shows gratitude for certain benefits of their job may experience pleasure, a sense of belonging, growth opportunities, and evidence of creativity and autonomy. Therefore, the positive experience reinforces the feeling of professional well-being (Seligman, 2016).

Evaluation Exercise for Projects Comparison

To assess your plans for the future, the work of Limoges (1987) identified seven outcomes from work and the descriptions of these can be very useful to you. Thus, the proposed exercise compares the projects to select the best. Finally, even if the planning is aimed at an ideal scenario, it is wise to plan for alternatives that can partially meet your needs.

Here are accurate descriptions of outcomes and as an example, a subjective assessment of project A with respect to the expectations, benefits, and resulting commitment to this specific project.

Outcomes Descriptions

Expectations for the Project A

Benefits from Project A

Relative Commitment to Project A

Financial autonomy: Income varies according to the public or private market. It gives purchasing power and independence. It includes the salary offer, guarantees, indexations, increases, fringe benefits, pension funds, leaves and group insurance.

$ 80K

If 80 = 100% 

$ 60K 

So 60 = 75%  

75% because this difference matters a lot to achieve financial independence.

Status: Status comes with social recognition, respect and consideration. It determines the identity: "I am a doctor". 

The diploma is recognized.

The presence of a doctor is appreciated in remote areas. 

100% satisfaction in feeling recognized socially and professionally.

Interpersonal relationships: Work provides a social, and emotional network. It allows the sharing of affinities of thoughts, tastes, converging values, similar concerns, confidences, complicity, colleagues and sometimes friendships.

Moral support from mentoring and working with peers. 

In rural areas with a supervisor, so few interpersonal relationships with peers.

20% due to distance from family contacts and a small team, but relationships with villagers can bring closeness.

Achievements: Productive activity can be physical, voluntary, creative, intense, exciting and a priority—the contribution to a valued production.

Practice general medicine techniques.  

Family medical clinic.  

80% of the variety of rarer cases is found more in urban areas, but the weak competition is favourable.

Organization of time and space: The management of work schedules and places influences daily choices and quality of life. The degree of control changes availability, occupancy, flexibility, security, movement and the physical environment.

Work-life balance. 

Hours are regular and availability is essential for emergencies. 

90% of time management at a resort promotes personal growth. 

Key-role of existence: The role of the worker influences other adult roles (student, citizen, spouse, parent, etc.).  

The feeling of professional efficiency. 

The role of resident family doctor is compatible with my interests in nature and my hobbies.

100% given the smaller team, I will have a complete role to assume and since I do not have a partner, I will be able to carry out social activities. 

Meaning of life: Surpassing oneself through the mission is an element of motivation.

They are caring for families in their living environment.

I will have the opportunity to be selfless.

100% renewed motivation with the proximity of relationships.

To discuss your comparisons, do not hesitate to make an appointment with the career advisor.


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