Career Planning Advice

Typical Questions Asked & To Ask

The topics interviewers may address are really infinite, though most commonly:

  • The reasons why you chose this specialty and the known challenges associated.
  • The specific features of this program that are of particular interest to you.
  • Your logic for geographic preferences in residencies.
  • Your performance in the basic science and clinical years.
  • Knowing yourself, your strengths and weaknesses.
  • The difficulties encountered and your learnings.
  • Extracurricular interests and activities.
  • Your choice of electives.
  • Aspects of your Medical Student Performance Report (MSPR).
  • Your mid-range career goals.
  • An inspiring model practitioner.
  • Your experience with research and teaching.
  • Teamwork.
  • Representations made for patients and helping others.
  • Stress management and balance.

Lists of specific questions interviewers may ask can be found at:

  • CanadiEM
  • Careers in Medicine: under the Getting into Residency heading, see Acing the Interview
  • Near the end of an interview, programs will almost always ask if you have questions, and you should definitely have at least two questions prepared for each program. Avoid being overly general or asking for readily available information on the program website. Avoid also asking direct questions that make you look like you don’t want to work hard (i.e., how much call are we expected to do?). You should ask questions that reflect your unique interests and motivations.
  • See Don't Forget to Ask: Advice from Residents on What to Ask During the Residency Interview
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